Our dream is to care for orphans and vulnerable children by addressing educational, nutritional, and self-worth needs. Since 2004, we have worked with local partners (the Botswana Union Conference) to build six orphan day care centers in key locations around the country, caring for the physical and emotional needs of many children. These centers exist with a dual purpose: to prevent further damage from HIV/AIDS by offering self-esteem and life skills education and to alleviate the effects of HIV/AIDS by providing a safe environment where these children can receive the love, care, and nutrition needed to flourish. 

And this is just the beginning.


Most orphans or vulnerable children in Botswana are cared for by their extended family (e.g. aunts or grandparents). These guardians are often overburdened with the need to look after children (sometimes numerous) by themselves. Primary and secondary schools offer relief to guardians as they look after the children during working hours, however, younger children often become a burden and are frequently left to themselves. Safety, malnutrition, and lack of self worth are major concerns for these small ones. 

Our approach is to work through local partners (The Botswana Union Conference) in providing day care and pre-school to these young orphans and vulnerable children. This allows for as much as possible of their family unit to stay intact and, at the same time, providing education, healthy meals, and a safe, loving environment to grow... 

Strong foundations for a positive future.

Day care and more...

We've placed an emphasis on day care, but the centers are used for so much more! The following are examples of the many programs and training offered at the centers, or coordinated from the centers:

  • Public health seminars 
  • Soup kitchens
  • Sewing classes
  • Computer classes
  • Donating clothing, food and blankets to destitute families in rural areas
  • Self-worth workshops
  • Anti-domestic violence campaigns