Thamaga is a large village located in the Kweneng District of Botswana and about 40 km west of the capital city Gaborone. It is home to 19,365 inhabitants at the 2011 census. It’s proximity to Gaborone means that many people live in Thamaga and commute to Gaborone, which has a population of 421,907 inhabitants at the 2011 census.

The village is populated with large rock formations, the largest being Thamaga Hill. The majority of the residents are from the Bakgatla-ba-ga-Mmanaana Tribe, and their totem is the vervet monkey (kgabo) and tan/white cow (Mmanaana coloring).

Place of Blessings was designed by students at the Queensland University of Technology, with an emphasis on sustainability (environmentally, financially and socially. Construction started in 2009, but after many setbacks was only completed in 2015 (to social worker and building council satisfaction).